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Allergic Rhinitis

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What is Allergic Rhinitis?

  • Allergic Rhinitis is a type of inflammation in the nose which occurs when the immune system overreacts to allergens in the ai
  • It is also known as HAY FEVER
  • Its onset is immediately after exposure to allergens
  • Every person will suffer at least few to several times with allergic rhinitis in their lifetime
  • People with less Sun exposure are more vulnerable
  • Frequent attacks indicates low immunity levels and leads to reduced quality of life


  • Hereditary/Low immunity
  • SEASONAL- Tree pollen, grass pollen, fungal spores
  • Perennial throughout the year) - Dust mites/cockroaches
  • Dander from pets(dried skin flakes & saliva)
  • Environmental exposure
    • Runny nose – Watery discharge from nose and eyes
    • Nasal congestion with irritation and redness of nose
    • Itching of nose, ears, eyes and throat
    • Reduced/Altered sense of smell
    • Headache and feverishness

    Treatment from Sathyam Homeopathy

    • Root cause analysis to remove the root cause of the disease hence permanent relief
    • Patient centric approach – Avoid Antihistamines, anti allergic medications
    • Genetic Constitutional Similimum will help in improving the Immunity
    • Life style suggestions which are interlinked with triggering factors will be identified and guided
    • Diet chart and regular Dos and DONTs