Mala & temple Hormone Problems

Signs and symptoms:
Low testosterone (Primary & secondary hypogonadism)
Loss of muscle mass
Loss of body hair
Weak bones
Low semen volume
Mood swings
Erectile dysfunction
Sexual libido
Metabolic symptoms like increased rate of heart disease, stroke and diabetes, obesity esp around waist, hypertension, dyslipidemia, osteoporosis and Thyroid dysfunction


1) Structural or anatomical causes:
2) Life style changes: Lack of physical exercise and sedentary life
3) Stress and emotional disturbance
4) Excessive use of Oral contraceptive pills
5) Underlying diseases like diabetes, thyroid, PCOD/PCOS

Signs and symptoms: Irregular menstruation
Unexplained weight changes
Depression, headache
Mood swings
Changes in BP, heart rate, brittle or weak bones, unexplained long term fatigue, changes in sensitivity to heat and cold
Reduced sexual drive
Painful intercourse
Pigmentation problems like melasma

Role of Homeopathy: At Sathyam Homeopathy we treat every individual as a new patient. Based on the totality of symptoms (constitution of the individual both physical and mental status) and present symptomatology, we prescribe a similimum remedy which helps to remove the root cause of the disease, maintaining the better quality of the individual. With constitutional medicine the organs will revert back to normal functioning which results in normal homeostasis