Migraine headache

Migraine is a neurological condition that can cause primarily headache disorder characterized by recurrent one-sided headache which is moderate to severe. Migraines can run in families and can affect all ages. Women are more likely than males to have migraine headache. Family history is one of the most common risk factor for having migraines.

Migraine headache mainly occurs due to neurochemical changes that takes place in the nerves and blood vessels of the brain. Every migraine headache need net have all phases, sometimes a phase is skipped and migraine without headache is also seen in few patients. Various phases of migraine are

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TProdrome → Aura → Attack phase (Headache phase) → Postdrome (Resolution phase)

Prodrome Phase: Symptoms can appear one or two days before the proper headache itself, which are Depression
Mood swings
Bowel changes
Neck stiffness
Frequent yawning
Increased irritability
Food cravings and/or aversions

Phase of Aura: The symptoms during the phase of aura can be visual, sensory or motor changes like Blurred vision
Seeing shapes, light flashes or bright spots
Prickling, tingling, needle like sensations in hands, legs and face etc.

Attack Phase: Symptoms vary from person to person and can last from hours to few days, which may be
One-sided headache
Throbbing, Pulsating, Debilitating, Piercing type of pain
Shifting from right to left, left to right, front to back, back to front etc.
Increased sensitivity to light and noise
Nausea and vomiting
Dizziness or feeling faint

Prodrome phase (Resolution phase): This phase is followed by attack phase where the person can feel happy to fatigued, confused and mild headache associated with.

Types of migraine: 1) Migraine with Aura (Classical migraine)
2) Migraine without Aura (Common migraine)

Role of Homeopathy: At Sathyam Homeopathy we treat every individual as a new patient. Based on the totality of symptoms (constitution of the individual both physical and mental status) and present symptomatology, we prescribe a similimum remedy which helps to remove the root cause of the disease, maintaining the better quality of the individual. In case of migraine, homoeopathy helps to reduce severity of pain and prevents the recurrence of attack by reducing the symptoms intensity from severe to bearable stage. As there are no side effects with homeopathic medicines and these medicines can be administered for all age groups, we can reduce the percentage of people suffering from migraine and lead a better life.