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What is Tinnitus?

  • It is the noise or buzzing or ringing in the ears
  • 10 to 15% of people will suffer with ringing in ears, out of which 80% to 90% people will approach for treatment due to intolerance of the added sounds
  • Tinnitus could by pathological and psychological also
  • Most of the cases, it is a sudden onset condition
  • Subjective tinnitus: Only patient can hear
  • Objective tinnitus: Doctor can hear when he/she does an examination


  • Exposure to Loud sound
  • Trauma/Injury of TMJ
  • Ear blockage (due to wax)
  • Ear bone changes
  • High blood pressure
  • Auditory nerve damage
  • Vit B12 and Iron deficiency


  • Ringing in ears
  • Buzzing sensation in ears
  • Roaring sounds in ears
  • If neglected for longer durations, it may lead to complications like Fatigue, Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety and irritability, Memory problems.

Treatment from Sathyam Homeopathy

  • Root cause analysis to remove the root cause of the disease hence permanent relief
  • Patient centric approach – understanding about disease and limitations of results especially if it is auditory nerve damage condition
  • Genetic Constitutional Similimum will help in improving the Immunity
  • Life style suggestions which are interlinked with triggering factors will be identified and guided accordingly

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